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From humble beginnings as a simple low tier cult member of a mysterious cult. Founder, Pepperoni Satan, has become today’s recognized world leader in the ritual of pizza. At Pizza Morte we’re all about pizza ….  and rituals. From the day our doors opened, Pepperoni has dedicated himself to making soul crushing ZA with sacrificial ingredients.



Beyond pioneering the concept of “Paying in Blood” or “Seance Ordering”, we have been a part of innovations that have made a significant impact on the entire pizza industry:


  • Pizza Morte patented the now famous, Pentaroni ™️, an artfully sculpted piece of ground, pressed and spiced link of meat. Coming soon, pickled Pentaroni ™️ meat stick snacks.

  • Pizza Morte created the Pagan Pie™️. It’s crust is carved with runic gastro rituals using our patented crust carver.

  • Pizza Morte invented the “666 sense™️" car sign, which leaves behind the pleasant aroma of freshly baked Za. It is currently used by a variety of industries, including garbage trucks which use them to mask their smell and transform them into a more pleasant road warrior.



Pepperoni’s most favorite pizza is of course a Pentaroni™️. His runner up , the Ohana is Dead.

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