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Tried and true, and the favorite of our founder Pepperoni Satan, we present to you our pepperoni pie! Hand tossed and baked to perfection. If it's good enough for Satan, it sure as hell is good enough for you! Satan's favorite has variations! It comes in plain Pepperoni or the now famous Pentaroni. Sometimes it's tastey to add some extra toppings on it too, which is then called a "Satan's favorite with  Disciple"

Sigil Pagan Pies are marked as Follows. Lucifers(Lucifer sigil), Necro(Necromancy Sigil) and Leviathans(Leviathan Cross Sigil)


Each pie bakes differently, so it may not look just like our photo here. Worry not, Pepperoni Satan himself inspects every pie with our revolutionary 666 point quality inspection and gives each pie his seal of approval on the bottom.

Satan's Favorite

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